What Others Are Saying

My daughter is just starting off in the Pittsylvania County public school system, and I think it is important to do everything possible to make sure our schools have the needed revenues to give children the best possible education.

The only way the schools are going to have any more money is to have greater tax revenue, and that has to come from getting more industry in here to bring better jobs.

Uranium mining is the best thing I can see out there for getting us where we need to be in terms of jobs and tax revenues.

Nick Giles, Danville


The NAS report marks out a clear path for Virginia, the General Assembly, and the mining company to follow in order to extract this energy-producing material from the ground in a safe manner and bring hundreds of much needed high-paying jobs to Southside.

Michelle Taylor, Hampton


People who have followed the uranium debate are quite well served by the two socio-economic reports just released, as well as the study just out by the National Academy of Sciences. Personally, I have waited to hear what the studies would tell us because I recognize how desperately we need what uranium mining will bring us, especially in the area of jobs.

Anyone who cares about our region must be tremendously gratified over the positive findingsfrom these three studies.

Ann Campbell, Chatham


I never doubted that modern science could do it all safely, but it meant a lot to me to hear from scientific experts that risks to public health will be “negligible,” and that there will be no increase in the region’s cancer rates.

Brandon Owen, Danville


After learning about details in the Chmura [socioeconomic] report, it has become even clearer to me that Southside needs this mine and all of the economic benefits that it would bring.

The report says that the mine will create or facilitate the creation of over 1,000 jobs for the region, over 500 of which will be filled by local residents.

These will be good paying jobs that will boost our economy and generate much needed tax revenue.

If you weren’t in favor of this project before reading this report, you sure will be after.

Michael Notestein, Hurt


The Coles Hill uranium project may be our last call for prosperity. We need good jobs and a new, strong stream of tax revenue. If it can be done safely, we must move decisively to make the project reality.

Fred G. Soyars, Danville


As a longtime resident of the Lynchburg area, I have seen the economic impact that energy-based companies can have. Areva employs over 2000 people in the Lynchburg area and B&W employs about 2400. These companies offer high-paying jobs, which pump money into our local economy and support our local tax base. A strong and vibrant local economy will attract new business and help our current businesses thrive and even expand.

Pittsylvania County now has the opportunity to grow its economy as the home of one of the world’s largest uranium deposits.

In addition, development of the Coles Hill uranium deposit can help lead the way towards reducing the amount of energy we now import from unreliable and unfriendly sources. In the case of uranium, we are now importing 92 percent of the uranium needed to run the nation’s 104 reactors. We can help change that.

Travis Griffin, Lynchburg


I certainly don’t have all the answers. But I feel comfortable this project could be done safely here, and I feel certain it would have an enormous positive impact on the community.

Gretchen Blair Clark, President, Reynolds-Clark Development, Gretna


It’s time to let the scientists jump in and sort out the facts from the fabrications.

The Virginian-Pilot


It is deeply troubling to me to hear all the irresponsible hoopla from a few fear-mongers trying to destroy any chance for developing the uranium deposit. It is wrong for these self-appointed guardians of everything under the sun to deprive our entire community of a chance to have badly needed jobs at fair wages.

It is unfathomable to think that with the massive number of regulations and regulators that patrol everything in our lives that our region would be harmed by uranium mining. It’s time for the know-it-alls to pipe down, let science give us the answers we need, and to get ready for our region to take advantage of this enormous economic opportunity that will improve lives across the board.

Cecil Cardwell, Gretna


Nuclear energy is the only large-scale, cost-effective energy source that can reduce [carbon] emissions while continuing to satisfy growing demand for power.

Patrick Moore, Co-Founder, Greenpeace


Frankly, I think [Coles Hill] could bring to this area technology, expertise and industrial development, and more importantly it could bring us a different way of life and thinking as we move into the 21st century.

H. Victor Millner, Chatham Attorney


I am a nuclear engineer and a member of the Virginia Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment. Today, neither the United States nor Virginia has the luxury of saying NOT IN MY BACKYARD. Virginia has to do its fair share to produce what we consume.

Over the last 30 years we have made significant advances in the technology of uranium mining. These new standards and a Virginia-implemented regulatory system will allow the Coles Hill deposit to be [mined and milled] safely.

Dr. Randy Randol, Richmond


It seems to me that if it can be done safely, mining by Virginia Uranium could be a major benefactor of the under-employed and unemployed…in all of Southside Virginia.

R. M. Fitzgerald, Cascade


Here in Gretna, as well as all of Pittsylvania, we need to support every feasible economic opportunity, including safe uranium mining and milling. Not only does this project have the potential for hundreds of good jobs at a variety of levels and in a variety of disciplines, the spin-off companies could virtually fill the Gretna industrial park. And at Coles Hill, the jobs cannot be shipped overseas.

Bill McBride, Gretna


I see honest, hard-working people without jobs who are struggling to survive in this economy. Any infusion of money into the local economy would be a shot in the arm for local residents. The millions of dollars generated by the uranium operations would have to help the local economy.

I am in favor of uranium mining at Coles Hill and believe it would be operated safely for humans and for nature. The EPA and the NRC would not allow the mine to operate if the proper safety precautions were not taken.

James B. Brewster, Danville


This uranium mining will allow all of us a ladder out of the economic hole we are in. And we all know that when this mine is built, it will be the safest and most highly regulated uranium mine in the world, right here in Southside Virginia. We need this thing, and we need it now.

Linwood Phelps, Danville