Socioeconomic Studies

Final Report for the Business Attitude Survey Regarding Uranium Mining in Pittsylvania County, VA (January 2013)

The National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council’s “Study of the Health, Safety, and Environmental Impact of Uranium Mining” (2011).

The Chmura Economics and Analytics “Study of the Socioeconomic Effects of Uranium Mining”  (2011).

The George Mason University Study (2012), “Coles Hill Uranium Report”

Technical Studies

NI 43-101 Preliminary Economic Assessment Update (Revised) of Coles Hill Uranium Property, effective June 30, 2012, and dated  August 19, 2013 by Lyntek Inc. and BRS Engineering.

Commonwealth of Virginia 2012 Uranium Working Group Report (Nov. 2012)

“Soil Evaluation at the Coles Hill Project Site” by Carl Zipper and Patricia Donovan (2012)

“Probably maximum flood inundation modeling: a case study in southern Virginia”
by W.J. Kingston, C.F. Castro-Bolinaga, E.R. Zavaleta, and P. Diplas (2012)

Geophysical and geochemical characterization of the groundwater system and the role of Chatham Fault in groundwater movement at the Coles Hill uranium deposit, Virginia, USA
by John P. Gannon, Thomas J. Burbey,  Robert J. Bodner, Joseph Aylor

“The relationship between structural and tectonic evolution and mineralization at the Coles Hill uranium deposit, Pittsylvania County, Virginia”
Thesis by John Wyatt (2009).

“Phosphate based immobilization of uranium in an oxidizing bedrock aquifer”
by James Jerden Jr. and A.K. Sinha (2002)