Who We Are

We are a Virginia company with roots running deep into Virginia history and environmental stewardship. The Coles Family and the Bowen Family, the largest shareholders in our company, have lived on the Coles Hill uranium site in Southside Virginia for generations. All of our full-time employees have firm ties to Southside Virginia, and, during our four years in business, we have worked earnestly to patronize Virginia companies in everything we’ve done. Our families—including parents, siblings, children, grandchildren—all have a stake in seeing that Virginia Uranium never strays from its abiding respect for Southside’s economic progress, as well as its role as a leader in environmental stewardship.

Virginia Uranium is proud to sponsor many community events and activities. Since 2007, the company has made over $50,000 in contributions to the organizations, programs, and causes listed here. To read more, click here.

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